Dr. Anne Compton to launch book in Ganong Hall tonight

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Dr. Anne Compton’s up-and-coming book, Afterwork: Essays on Literature and Beauty, will be launched tonight (November 16) at the Ganong Hall Lecture Theatre.

The event, hosted by the Department of Humanities and Languages, begins at 7:00PM.

Dr. Compton is currently a Writer-In-Residence at UNB Saint John. She has worked as the director of UNB Saint John’s reading series of the Lorenzo Society and has has published many books, including Meetings with Maritime Poets: Interviews and A.J.M. Smith: Canadian Metaphysical.

The book Dr. Compton is about to launch is a collection of essays on many diverse literary subjects ranging from novels to science.

“A book of essays, “Afterwork” is about literature and beauty. The essays respond to 21st-century works by novelists, poets, and thinkers, and in one essay, to scientists,” Dr. Compton tells The Baron.

Dr. Anne Compton (Photo: UNB.ca)

“Each essay begins with a question and sets out, in the company of the reader, to explore possible answers,” Compton continues. “These are questions that have been on my mind for a long time, but each essay probably has a different ‘inspiration.’ For example, the essay ‘How Does the House Mean’ responds to a trend I was noticing in the 21st-century novel where novelists seem to be obsessed with the house. The question was, ‘Why is this happening now?'”

During the book launch event, Dr. Compton will be reading an essay from the book titled “Beauty: A Novelist, a Poet, and Some Science.” The essay is an examination on multidisciplinary conceptions of beauty. The essay discusses, amongst many other things, the different perceptions of beauty that individuals and classes can have of an aesthetic experience.

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