10 ways to de-stress without leaving your bed

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By now in your university career, you’ve probably seen at least 80 different articles, guide videos, and pamphlets touting how to de-stress when school gets tough. Since it’s November, chances are this is that moment for you that you will take a moment to yourself, do a face mask, spend some time with nature, squeeze a stress ball, etc. etc . While I have nothing against those methods, especially face masks, they all require the thing many of us dread this time of the year: movement and some sort of effort. So, in order to celebrate our generation’s instant-gratification mindsets, here are 10 ways to reduce your stress from the comfort of your own bed.

1. Crying time!

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While we just unveiled the best places to cry on campus, let’s be real: there is no better place to cry than your own bed. The best part about crying is that you can do it literally anywhere. So take that dread for your upcoming exams and channel it into your heavy sobs and feel the heavy weight of living lighten. And remember, if your mascara isn’t running, you’re not doing it right.

2. Buy something you don’t need.

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Honestly, the best time to shop is under the unbearable weight of lab reports. Some of the best things to buy Zoodles, shirts with your favorite celebs face on it (I already own the Nicole Kidman one so don’t even try, bitch), ladybugs, subscriptions for monthly moss deliveries, and Nicholas Cage pillowcases. Yes, you do need Big Little Lies on DVD and Digital HD. A face blanket? I think so, honey! If you’re feeling extra generous, send one of these items to a friend’s address. For advanced players, pick a random address in the Saint John Area and ship away!

3. Pillow and blanket fort, honey.

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As you hide under your pillows and blankets, it’s scientifically proven that time ceases and all your responsibilities will disappear.

4. Read this list of our favourite Disney movies that we made for absolutely no reason other than we wanted to.

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Your campus newspaper, folks. Please, complain about the results. @thebaronsj on Twitter. #JusticeForWreckItRalph

5. Watch this.

As you ask yourself what’s going on, how you got here, and what had to happen to make this video exist, at least you’re not thinking about that 10-page paper due tomorrow that you haven’t started yet.

6. Read a thinkpiece about that truly horrible Frozen short that plays in front of Disney/Pixar’s Coco.

Photo: The Telegraph

Seriously, why are there so many thinkpieces on this?

7. Go on Omegle.com and have a chat with a stranger.

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This is an option that is reserved for 3am when you have truly hit rock bottom. As you pass through conversation to conversation of creeps asking for you to send nudes to their Kik, feel your soul begin to unravel and feel yourself become more hollow as a person. I guarantee you you will not be concerned about that mountain of research you have to do once you realize that you wasted an hour of your life arguing the value of humanity with some random dude from Australia who’s really into philosophy because he watched an episode of Rick & Morty and got too into it. He’s very sad and so are you.

8. Mess with this dude’s office lights.

Source: Drivemeinsane.com aka the Internet’s best website.

Oh, we stan.

9. Watch this compilation of performances of “Ohmigod You Guys” from Legally Blonde: The Musical, but only the parts with Salesgirl #2

There’s also a sequel to this video and if you’re looking for a deep cut, the iconic full version of the first performance in the first compilation.

10. Close your eyes and transcend.


If you’re looking for more great ways to de-stress in your bed, remember: Tumblr, Netflix, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are all just a click or a swipe away! Also, Buzzfeed Unsolved is free!

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