Statement from the Board of Directors


Statement from the Board of Directors

The Baron Inc.

In the past days, our attention has been brought to two articles that were published on The Baron’s website. The articles in question were attempts to offer a voice to someone who represents points of view that are harmful and, in many regards, not factual.

While the board of this organization appreciates that editors need to be afforded the opportunity to explore journalistic expression, it does not support, nor will it tolerate the publication of what is, at the very least, content deemed as hate speech towards any group.

The board has taken corrective measures for the actions regarding the publication of these articles, and subsequent comments that were made.

We would like to ensure the campus community, as well as the community at large, that we are committed to having a staff that drives forward the mission to strengthen and support the student community at the University of New Brunswick in Saint John. We affirm that it is the solemn duty of the student press to provide the student body and the university community with factual news coverage. We believe it is the duty of the student press to act as voice for student opinion and interest. We affirm that an autonomous student newspaper is in the best interests of students. We believe in freedom of the press and in the principles of editorial accountability.

We apologize for the negligence and oversight in these articles being published, and any comments that were made and were perceived to have come from The Baron as a collective voice, as they were not. We commit to strengthening our process to ensure greater accountability and oversight as we move forward.

Respectfully submitted,


The Baron – board of directors