Student Council Elections Set For February


Students at the University of New Brunswick’s Saint John campus will soon have the opportunity to throw their name in the hat for a position on the Students’ Representative Council (SRC).

The SRC announced via their website and social media platforms that the general election is set for this month, with nominations opening on February 12th.

The website calls for students who are “interested in being able to make a difference” on their campus. Vice President External for the student council, Kyle Rogers, says that there is an opportunity to make change by being part of student politics.

“What some students may not know is that, in New Brunswick especially, students have a lot of political power. This in part because of the collective power of the student unions and the New Brunswick Student Alliance, our provincial advocacy organization.

There are few restrictions to running in the election. To run, you must be a student returning to UNB Saint John in the fall and you must be 19 years of age. The age limitations are in accordance with New Brunswick’s Companies Act.

“As per Section 15(a) of our Bylaws, pursuant to the New Brunswick Companies Act, those under the age of 19 are disqualified from running for a position on the SRC,” says Rogers.

The website details the positions available, which include two executive positions, a number of councilor positions and seats to be filled on the board of governors and senate. The number of executive positions elected reduced from three to two this year after by-law changes were made to help the organization find efficiencies and reduce costs.

“There are a few new things going on with our general election this year,” says Rogers.

“In the summer the SRC underwent some extensive by-laws changes which affected the composition of our council. The VP Student Affairs position has been removed and the duties have been redistributed,” he continues.

Some councillor positions were also removed to make room for some new.

“[We’ve added] an LGBTQ+ representative, Accessibility/Disability representative and Nursing/Health Science in an effort to increase the breadth of the council’s representation.

You can find more about the elections at Students are also encouraged to reach out to the current members of the SRC if they have questions or would like more information.

Experiences that follow you after graduation

Kenya Plut, fifth year business student and SRC President, says that there is much to gain from being part of the student council.

“It’s important for students to get involved, period. Student council is one of the many fun and exciting ways that a student can do so on our campus,” says Plut.

“From being an orientation week volunteer to sitting on council, there are so many ways that you can impact that student experience. Student politics is especially important because you get to have a say in the way things happen at UNB Saint John.

Plut, who has been involved with the student council as well as a number of student clubs and groups, sees the benefit of getting involved.

“I’ve applied to several professional schools, and the bulk of my personal statements revolved around my work with the SRC, and the advocating I have done in this position. I believe that not only will this help me with future academic goals, but also with my professional goals.

Rogers agrees, adding that not only is the experience you receive from being involved important, but it is also important to have choice.

“If students have even the slightest interest in running, I encourage them to do so. Competition is important to bring out the best in candidates and getting involved with student politics can be one of the most rewarding parts of one’s university experience,” says Rogers.