UNBSJ Seawolves Split Doubleheader with UKC


The UNB Saint John Seawolves split the weekend series against the visiting University of Kings College (UKC) Blue Devils. The games, which were played out at the G. Forbes Elliot Athletics Centre were both played in front of full crowds.

Saturday’s game started off with a three-point shot from Jacob Vickers (Lower Derby, NB). He then proceeded to hit a jump shot and two foul shots, making up all of the Seawolves points.

UKC responded with a couple of baskets of their own, in an attempt to match the Seawolves in the race for the lead.

Keegan Gray (Woodstock, NB) hit two shots in the first quarter while putting a four-point dent in his eventual 18-point game.

The teams continued battling for the top spot, and a three-pointer from guard Keshaun Skeir (Halifax, NS) gave the Wolves a 20-16 lead to end the first.

A jump shot from Austin Buchanan (Lockeport, NS) started off the second, followed by another quick shot from Vickers. The Blue Devils responded with a couple of points of their own, bringing the score to 27-26 for the home team.

After halftime, both teams were hot and heavy off the get-go. After exchanging points, they both cooled off for a bit, waiting nearly three minutes before scoring again. At seven minutes in, the Blue Devils had tied it up at 43 points apiece.

Another shot from Vickers brought the Wolves back up to a lead, but this was quickly shut down by UKC. The teams continued to fight for the lead, with the Wolves finally pulling away with four minutes left.

UKC went on a bit of a run of their own and ended the quarter with a score of 60-58 for the visiting team.

The fourth quarter saw the two teams become scrappy, as they began to realize what was on the line. They continued trading points back and forth, and a big three from K. Gray gave the Wolves a one-point lead with six minutes left.

As UKC began to cut the lead, UNB Saint John took a timeout to ensure this would stop. The Wolves were able to maintain their lead until the last five seconds when UKC scored and tied the game.

Overtime started out strong for the Wolves, with shots from Matt Brown (Saint John, NB) and Hunter Gray (Woodstock, NB). Unfortunately, the Seawolves began to lose their intensity, and UKC went on a seven-point run to win the game 96-89.

Brendan Balcolm of the Blue Devils led all scorers with 25 points and five rebounds, while teammate William Colpitts came off the bench to add another 24 points.

Gray led the Wolves with 18 points and 11 rebounds. Teammate H. Gray chipped in with 16 points and eight rebounds.

Less than 24 hours later, both teams were back on the court to finish up the weekend series. Two three-pointers from K. Gray started the game off, and the Wolves lead continued to grow.

Gray began to follow his older brothers lead, throwing down 14 points within the first ten minutes of the game. Aided by K. Gray and Ian Watters (Miramichi, NB), UNB Saint John secured a 29-12 lead to end the first.

The Gray duo continued to shine in the second and extended the lead to 40-14. UKC called a time-out five minutes in in the hopes of stopping the incredible run, which seemed to work, as the Blue Devils, led by the Colpitts brothers shortened the lead.

The two brothers were unstoppable in the second, much like the Grays in the first. The Colpitts combined for 17 points, which brought them up to 43-34 score to end the half.

UKC came out of the locker room fully energized and led by Brendan Balcolm, came within one point. The score remained close with UNB Saint John maintaining the lead until nearly four minutes in when two foul shots from the Blue Devils gave them a 50-49 lead.

UNB Saint John used this opportunity to make some key substitutions in hopes of getting the lead back. The teams continued to trade the lead back and forth until the Gray brothers came back. Each brother dropped another nine points to give the Wolves a 66-61 lead to end the third.

The fourth started out slow for both teams, as they both tried to stay dominant on the defensive side. The Wolves began to put more pressure on the visitors and slowly extended their lead.

Upon realizing the game was slipping away from them, UKC began to foul in hopes of getting the ball back. Unfortunately, this did not work in their favor as the Wolves ended with a 93-81 win.

Gray led all scorers with 34 points and three rebounds, and teammate K. Gray added another 27 points and nine rebounds. Campbell Colpitts led the Blue Devils with 28 points and two rebounds.


Games can be streamed at acaatv.ca