Last Day to Vote for YOUR Next SRC!


The UNBSJ 2018 Spring Election is right around the corner, and many familiar faces are hoping to get elected to make a positive impact on the University.


Those running this coming election are:

President: Samuel Palmer and Mackenzie Keir

VP External: Caitlin Grogan

Member at Large: Ali Roustaian and Alexander Allison

Nursing and Health Representative: Ashley Cook

Accessibility and Disability Representative: Allison (Ally) Woodman

SASE Representative: Catherine (Cassie)Hall

International Representative: Adanna Ogunka.


“The positions that haven’t been filled (in this election) are Business Rep, Arts Rep, LGBTQ+ rep, the Senate and BOG spots, and mature student rep,” explains current SRC President Kenya Plut. “First-year rep will happen in the bi-elections, and the others will be nominated by their respective organizations (athletics, dal med, etc.). [The] Member-at-large and [the] president are the only two for which there is competition. “

Mackenzie Keir, a fourth-year BBA student, stated: “I’m running for President of the SRC because I want to graduate from this campus knowing that I did my part to ensure that other students have as great of experience here as I’ve had.”

Whereas Keir wants to focus on increasing awareness for student wellbeing and, “advocating for changes in the Free Tuition Program (FTP) & the SEED program, “Catherine Hall wants to garner more student involvement in events like, “a faculty mixer for the science students and faculty.”

Presidential nominee, Sam Palmer, believes that the Student Representative Council should be focused on the students themselves.

“Our SRC should be accessible, transparent, and dedicated to bringing us closer together as an entire community. Students pay a ridiculous amount of money to attend university, and I want to make sure that these funds are being used properly and in the best interest of the whole student body”


Today, March 2nd, 2017, is the last day to vote on your E-Services Page! Be sure to cast your ballot! 

Voting closes at 11:59 PM!