On This Day in History – November 29th


On this day, 71 years ago, the United Nations voted to divide Palestine, despite substantial Arab opposition.

The partition of Palestine was caused due to a large amount of conflict between the Jewish and the Arabian culture residing within the state. The feud dates back to the 1910s when both groups laid claim to the British territory. The Jewish were Zionists and had recently immigrated from Europe and Russia, returning to their ancient homeland to establish a nation of their own in Palestine.

The Arabians occupying the territory sought to stem the Jewish immigration and create a secular Palestine state. Beginning in the late 1920s, the Arabians and Jewish openly fought in Palestine over the land. Britain attempted to limit the number of Jewish immigrants to appeal to the Arabians of Palestine.

By World War II, the Jewish were illegally entering Palestine to escape the Holocaust. The Jews had resorted to radical terrorism against the British forces; having believed the British betrayed the Zionist cause. Britain soon brought the attention of the United Nations which voted for the partition of Palestine.

The Arabian side did not favour the seperation because they viewed the state as separate from their religious beliefs. The Arabs wanted a non-religious state of Palestine and disagreed with Palestine becoming a Jewish state. The Jewish wished to have a place of their centering around their own religion.

Initially, the Jewish desired to possess more than half of Palestine, even though they made up less than half of the population. After the separation of Palestine, the State of Israel was claimed by the Jewish, leaving Palestine for the Arabs.

The separation of Palestine ended extremists from committing more acts of terrorism. The division allowed both beliefs to continue, but if Palestine had remained as one, it would stopped the Zionist dream and Palestinians to have a state of their own. On the downside, it rewarded the aggressive Zionists with what they wanted without attempting for peaceful coexistence.

Currently, the conflict between Israel and Palestine is still active, but both are living how they prefer.


Also on this day…

Michael Jackson’s doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray, received a four-year sentence for the death of the famed pop star. Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter – the death of the pop star Jackson was caused by cardiac arrest while under the influence of Propofol, a drug prescribed to him by the doctor. Murray was hired by Jackson to be his personal physician while the singer rehearsed for his upcoming shows. Late in the morning in 2009, Jackson was found unconscious in bed by Murray, who tried to revive him.