Top five things to do with your dog this fall

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As summer winds down and hot summer nights turn into cool fall evenings, we know it can be a little depressing. Especially if you’re a parent to a special fur baby.

As the weather changes, you may not want to go for a long hike or down to the water but also not ready to begin your winter hibernation just yet.

Here are five of our favourite things to do with a doggo this fall.

Grab a pint at Picaroons

Located Uptown at 30 Canterbury Street, Picaroons is the perfect place to get with friends, human and furry alike.

Featuring one giant horseshoe-shaped table and no TV (gasp), Picaroons forces you to interact with other people.

The seating arrangement makes it easy to strike up a conversation with the person sitting next to you – or let your dog wander over and handle the introductions for you!

If you’re hungry, Pomodori’s is next door. Pomodori’s Italian style pizza and gelato pair perfectly with a pint.

Looking for a beer recommendation? Try Picaroons 506 Logger! The name is a play on our area code and our history of lumber mills, and the beer itself is an American style Pale Ale. It has a pleasant citrusy aroma and subtle hoppy finish. 

Grab a coffee

Beer not really your thing? Go down to Java Moose at 84 Prince William for some the best coffee in the city. 

Java Moose is a fantastic local chain of coffee shops with 4 locations around Saint John and the surrounding area. The beans are all ethically sourced and brought back to Saint John where they are then roasted and infused with locally inspired flavours.

On top of the coffee, they have cold brew, lattes, espresso, and a variety of delicious treats! And the best part, all dogs are welcome.

Go shopping

All too often, when you have to go to a store, your best friend has to wait at home or in the car.

Not in Uptown Saint John, though, because it has numerous stores that allow dogs! Now they don’t have to miss out on the thrill of finding a great deal.

Stores include women’s clothing boutiques, Lordon, Heartbreak Boutique, Boutique Zekara, Heroes’ Beacon, Pristine, and The Urban Shoe Myth.

Enjoy some local art

Saint John is home to some amazing public street art. Pieces include ‘Dodo’ by Doryan Ose, located on the corner of Canterbury and Princess Streets, Sean Yoro’s newest mural located at Market Slip, beside the boardwalk.

However, enjoying local art doesn’t have to be limited to outdoor pieces. Several indoor Uptown art galleries are pet friendly, inlcuding Buckland Merrifield Gallery, Cobalt Art Gallery, and Trinity Galleries.

See a movie

Okay, technically this isn’t in Saint John, but it’s not that far away. Located about a 30 – 40 minute drive away from Saint John is the small town of Sussex.

Beyond being home to countless cows and the annual Hot Air Balloon Festival, Sussex is also home to the Sussex drive-in. Located at 133 Aiton Road, the Sussex drive-in is the perfect fall evening thing to do with your dog.

Who doesn’t love the latest movies, awesome snacks, and being cozy in their P.J.’s with their dog?

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