The Promise Partnership: Working to build a better Saint John

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A student with his mentor (Sara Thurlow/Promise Partnership)

What is it?

The Promise Partnership is a community outreach program designed to connect UNB Saint John with the surrounding community to help combat the effects of poverty.

This not only helps change the lives of students, but also provides personal growth and a fulfilling volunteer experience. This program has changed the lives of hundreds of youth and contributed more than 300 volunteers annually.

What can I do?

Promise Partnership has two different options: the tutoring program and the mentoring program.

Tutoring program

The tutoring program takes place on Monday and Wednesday evenings, from 4:45 to 6:45 p.m. UNB students are placed with high school students from Crescent Valley and the North end.

The kids are assigned a tutor for the evenings and can get help with everything, from homework and assignments to help applying to post-secondary and careers.

The kids in this program may not otherwise graduate from high school, but with the help from the volunteers and the UNB tutors these kids get the support they need.

The Promise Partnership has a 100% graduation rate, with some of the kids continuing on to study at UNB!

Mentoring program

The mentoring program takes place at Hazen White-St. Francis, a local K-5 school. This area holds a child poverty rate of 85%.

These children arrive to school with a lot of needs, often with unfavorable home lives. Thus, they require much more academic support.

UNB student volunteers are placed with an elementary student one-on-one and have worksheets and books provided at the child’s academic level.

Mentoring works around the UNB students’ timetable, and the Promise Partnership works to find a day and time that best fits the mentor’s availability.

They offer mentoring Monday-Thursday from 12:05-12:40, and two after school time slots at 1:40-2:40 and 2:40-3:40.

How can I get involved?

Not only does the Promise Partnership help close the educational gaps that come from low socio-economic status, but it helps bring the community together by creating a bond between the volunteers and the kids in the program.

As a mentor, all activities done with the student are provided by teachers and there’s a minimum time commitment of one hour a week.

As a tutor, you are encouraging the completion of high school as well as advancing the post secondary options for the student. There is a minimum time commitment of one night a week.

You can learn more, or join, at or by emailing

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