First Class Bash a raving success

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First Class Bash was a great kick-off for the 2019/2020 school year. (Julia Kaine/The Baron)

This year’s neon-themed event hosted the band Neon Dreams and the crowd came ready to dance.

The DJ had a set list prepared for a great night of dancing and socializing, and students were even singing along to the music. 

(Julia Kaine/The Baron)

Although the 10:30 fireworks were slightly behind schedule, the display was something to marvel at, and everyone loved it.

You could hear the excitement from a mile away. The display lasted about fifteen minutes and was very impressive.

Many students continued to come in closer to the time that the band was on. At 11:15, when the show started, the quad was packed full of people anxiously waiting to hear the band play.

(Julia Kaine/The Baron)

              Everybody danced throughout the entire show, and many who knew Neon Dream’s music, sang along. The night ended all too quickly, and nobody left until they had to.

(Julia Kaine/The Baron)

              Overall, First Class Bash was a great success, and a fantastic way to get people out and meeting new classmates for the first time. It was a night you didn’t want to miss, but if you did, make sure you come next year.

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