Lorenzo Society hosts a night of Atlantic Canadian literature

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Tonight, on October 7 at 7:00 p.m., the Lorenzo Society is hosting a reading featuring Atlantic Canadian authors Shane Neilson, Danny Jacobs, and Kirby. These authors will be there to read from and promote their own novels or collections of poetry.

The readings will be taking place at the University of New Brunswick’s Beaverbrook House, located on 127 Carleton Street, and admission is free of cost. Come out tonight to get copies of your books signed, have the chance to meet the authors in person, and enjoy some literature alongside likeminded people!

Here are some more details on the featured authors and their collections!

Shane Neilson

Neilson will be reading from his poetry collection New Brunswick, which features the history and imagery of his home province.

 “Neilson’s ability to make the bipolar mind comprehensible, a place that needs to be understood, in ‘Manic Statement’ is perhaps the book’s greatest success. It never lapses into cliché and even manages to slip in a bit of wit.” – Canadian Literature

New Brunswick is the fifth book of 2017 Walrus Poetry Prize Winner, Shane Neilson. (The Lorenzo Society/ Facebook)

Praise for New Brunswick states that Neilson’s poems capture intense visuals and the true mood of New Brunswick.

Danny Jacobs

Tonight, Jacobs will read from his first book in prose, Sourcebooks for Our Drawings.

This book mixes genres of writing to create an idiosyncratic image of New Brunswick, filled with personal meaning and depth.

Danny Jacobs, of Riverview, New Brunswick, will be reading from Source for our Drawings. (Lorenzo Society/Facebook)

Sourcebook for Our Drawings book steeped in place: the rural idyll of a Southeastern New Brunswick farmhouse, the author’s childhood suburbia, and the commercial sprawl of contemporary Atlantic Canada. Each piece provides a snapshot of New Brunswick in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, a place at once unique and startlingly not-so in our globalized word.” – Gordon Hill Press (www.gordonhillpress.com)


Toronto-based writer, Kirby will be reading from his poetry collection, THIS IS WHERE I GET OFF.

“Other thrilling collisions occur throughout the book: fear and loneliness are assailed by cat-creamy satisfaction and hot thrills; the language itself is raw and cooked; love is prevailed upon like justice, to be not strained but mad about…a Whitmanic cry of passion and pain that treats both the quotidian and the extraordinary with excitement as if also developing a poetics and philosophy. That life is a series of exquisitely beautiful moments, sewn together by our dear selves. To be gay and sexual, desired and desiring: it is inscribed here, and why not, as the Passion and here I say to the author, love is the very wonder of you.” – Discover Saint John.

Critics and fellow Canadian writers praise Kirby’s THIS IS WHERE I GET OFF. (Lorenzo Society/Facebook)

THIS IS WHERE I GET OFF features gripping and modern poetry, with themes of sexuality, love and life.

For more information on the upcoming Lorenzo Readings, or if you would like to contact one of the representatives, please click here.

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