Get to know the by-election candidates


Missed the speeches? Want to know just what the candidates represent? Haven’t made up your mind? We asked the candidates some questions for you, here are their answers.

Voting for the 2019 fall by-election kicks off Monday, November 4. (UNB-SRC CRO/Facebook)

Senate seats

Bailey Boyer

Bailey is running for a one-year term as a student representative on the senate. She told us that she has become more involved in mental health and human rights advocacy over the past few years.

This involvement has inspired her to “put [herself] out there as a proponent for the needs of students and youth.” Since this is a senate position with only one candidate, Bailey has been acclaimed and her name will not appear on the ballot.

Patrick Hickey

Patrick is running for a two-year position as a senate member. He told us he would “advocate for students and ensure that students are represented at every level of the university.”

Patrick already has a lot of experience working with the university and is passionate about student issues, including being the current President of the Student Representative Council.

Arts Representative

Katie Herrington

Katie is running for Arts Representative, which includes “sitting on the SRC and attending and voting in meetings on behalf of the university’s arts students.” She said she wants to get more involved in the SRC and gain more experience advocating on behalf of her fellow students. Katie has over four years’ experience in university and has been volunteering and advocating in the community since she was thirteen.

Emma Higdon

Emma is also running for Arts Representative. She has always had an interest in student government and wants to make a difference and change in her community. Her friends and family encouraged her to run for the position because she was involved in the SRC at her high school. She believes she would be a perfect candidate because she cares about her peers and the atmosphere at UNB.

Mature Student Representative

Christina McLean is running for Mature Student Representative. Since 2016-2017 this position has been vacant, Christina wants to change that.

As a mother of four, she explained that she can relate to mature students and understands their struggles to balance life and university. She explained that, in her posters, she showed people how to vote, and not who to vote for.

International Representative

Chloe Li

Chloe could not be reached for a statement.