Help make a difference by donating to Avenue B


Toiletries are being collected on behalf of UNBSJ students to be donated to Avenue B Harm Reduction.

Avenue B is a non-profit on Waterloo street that provides support, teaching, and harm reduction supplies to vulnerable people in the Saint John area. (Avenue B/Website)

Any kind of toiletries will be accepted, such as deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, menstrual products, soaps, shampoo, and razors. Socks and gently used winter clothing such as hats, mitts and coats are also being accepted.

They can be dropped off in a donation box located outside the SRC office, above the cafeteria, or the box in Student Services in Oland Hall.

Donations can also be brought directly to the organizer, Katie Herrington. Thanks go to those who have donated already. Every contribution counts!