A life without colour

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My vision is only of gray.

“The world is a rainbow;” I know this for sure.

I’ve heard of the magnificent shades of human emotion.

I’ve seen them for myself, but I do not see in colour anymore.

I live within a personal orbit of dullness and nothing else.

I am not colour blind.

I have seen the wonderful amber and lavender

Of an early morning sunrise, the darling

Snow peaked coniferous trees in the winter, and

The swirling blue waves crashing against the seashore.

It is a mystery to me.

Often do I wonder when this phenomenon

Took place, when ruby reds became less vibrant,

The verdant greens abandoned their spark, and

The luscious pink I once loved lost its flair.

My vision is only of gray.

The world is a rainbow; I know this for sure.

There are magnificent shades of human emotion

That have been stripped from my canvas,

Just as the colours once so dear to me.

Taylor is in her fourth year of her Bachelor of Arts/Education and is double majoring in English and Psychology. She’s a cat mom of two, a jigsaw puzzle enthusiast, a pluviophile, and a lover of books. When she’s not at school or work, you can find her collecting rocks, cuddling her cats, or perusing thrift stores. She also believes pasta should be a food group and that gummy bears qualify as a healthy breakfast.