Enlightenment Part II: The Answer

Reading Time: 2 minutes

He awoke to the sound of birds singing as the morning

sun rose up from behind the bleached horizon,

and chased the night away with its holy fire.

Feeling apologetic for his behaviour, the man

decided to ask the wind, once again,

but this time a little hesitant: 

“Oh, gentle breath of life, I only wish

to know who your ruler was before man came to be…”

The wind rushed in from the waves of the sea,

hurled down from the blowing clouds,

whistled through the blades of grass and spoke thus:

“Nature cannot be ruled, oh gentle soul,

we offer you the fires in which you burn,

we offer you the water in which you drown,

we offer you the dirt in which you bathe.”

“But don’t be fooled, my gentle soul,

for this is not our intention,

we offer you the fires for warmth,

we offer you the water for your eternal thirst,

we offer you the dirt as soil for your hungry stomachs.”

“My gentle and corrupt man, who rules you?

Is it not your stomach which demands to be fed?

is it not the heart that demands to be loved?

is it not your thoughts who demand to be explored?

is it not the rain which made you build that fire?

is it not your birth which made you breathe?”

Feeling defeated and condemned to an eternal

struggle for survival, with his only purpose to

keep his body alive, as if it were weighing him down,

he gave up and decided to lay down

on the cold grass facing the clear sky.

“Oh, now don’t be a fool”, whispered the wind.

“Who are you? Are you not your stomach?

Are you not your heart? Are you not your thoughts?”

“I no longer know”, he sighed.

“Good”, said the wind as it picked him up off

the ground and lifted him into the clouds.

“You have no control over the beat of your heart,

just like you do not have control of the rain.

You, my dear soul, are not even aware of

your breathing for most of your time alive.

You don’t even know how you grow your hair,

let alone move the sun.”

“Why are you worried of who is in control,

when you great deceiver know that deep down,

it is the same you which grows your hair,

beats your heart, moves the sun, blows the wind

and grows the grass underneath your very feet.”

“You, godly one, grow your hair so effortlessly,

just as you move the stars. Is that so hard to believe?”

“You are the eyes with which the universe

admires Itself, you are to the world just as

a leaf is to a tree and a wave to the ocean.

You were not brought into this world from

an outside place, you see, you grew out of it.

You are a symptom of the creation of stars!

You belong in this world, for it is your eyes

which give meaning to the sun.

It is your perception which makes anything exist,

and if you were not here, my sweet deceiver,

then we would seize to exist”.

Emily is in her fourth year of Political Science. She loves studying and academics which follows into her research work. She's a stern black coffee drinker and is a proud Acadienne. When she's not working or doing school work, you can find Emily listening to 70s music on vinyl and watching Parks and Recreation. If you ask her about parliamentary institutions, she won't stop talking.