Plywood and Duct Tape: Part II


It hit me full blast
In an instant,
I fell
It poured over me,
Rushing and coursing.
The hallucinations started to laugh as they took a fuller form,
One mocked.
“You didn’t know what we were,
Who we were?”
I could feel the next wave coming.
The war was constant,
The battlefield was littered-
I looked up,
My name was being called.
The real world
I forgot.
I panicked,
Started to talk.
“There are five different kinds of crude oil, you separate them by-“
I started,
My dad interrupted.
“Who’s she talking to?”
I thought I was talking to you.
My mom laughed,
“Oh, she’s just talking to herself,
To the voices in her-“
She stopped,
Her eyes widened,
Realized what had come out of her mouth,
We sat in awkward silence.
The dam had broken,
Preparations had to be made.