Exams got you down? Therapy animals will be on campus soon


Count yourself lucky because, on Monday, December 2, therapy dogs will be on campus! The UNBSJ Campus Ministry decided to bring the therapy dogs back to provide some pre-exam stress relief and promote taking healthy studying breaks.

Therapeautic Paws of Canada pose for a picture during their visit last year. (UNBSRC/Facebook)

The animals are coming from Therapeutic Paws of Canada, which is a non-profit volunteer organization. They offer both dog and cat therapy sessions and are focused on enhancing the quality of life through an animal to human bond.

They provide dogs for various purposes, ranging from physical, mental, and emotional needs, but they also provide therapy pets for educational and motivational purposes.

Having a session with therapy dogs has been proven to work wonders like lowering blood pressure, releasing calming endorphins, diminishing physical pain, and being overwhelmed with their cuteness.

The animals will be in the Ward Chipman Library, above Tim Hortons, on December 2. (Amelia Bailey/The Baron)

You can bask in that cuteness between 12:30 p.m. and 3 p.m. in the foyer of the Ward Chipman building above Tim Hortons.