Travel this summer while earning credits toward your degree

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The summer abroad program offers a wide variety of destinations with course selection in multiple disciplines including bio-medical, nursing, business, history, and political science. 

(UNB Abroad Testimonials)

The programs run for up to four weeks through partner institutions abroad. UNB Saint John works with these institutions to ensure that courses taken abroad will count toward your current degree program as electives or as part of your major/minor.

What is required?

The only requirements to apply are that you are a current student with thirty credit hours completed before the program and a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher. Unfortunately, students graduating in spring 2020 are not eligible unless they postpone their graduation or re-enroll to UNB following graduation. 

Don’t wait until after graduation to travel, this program is a great opportunity to travel while furthering your education.

It is great for students who are first-time travellers or who want more experience travelling. It is also ideal if you want to travel with friends, as multiple disciplines are offered.  

The duration of the program is much shorter than a full-term academic exchange, so if you cannot commit to the longer-term this shorter program is perfect. 

How much is it?

The summer abroad program is also more affordable than a full term and there are eight $2,500 financial awards available for students in the program. The manager of the student abroad program, Ase Kelly Berg, said that if more than eight students apply there would be other financial services available. 

Ase stressed that if you are interested in the program you should apply as soon as possible “to get your foot in the door.” There is no application fee, and no commitment to the program until your airline ticket is bought. 

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She also explained that there could be more partners added before the summer, so if you apply for one destination now and something you like better is added later you can switch. The program is flexible, and you can work with Ase to plan your perfect trip! 

If you need further convincing, a variety of student testimonials are available to read here. Ase is more than happy to meet with students considering the program, email her at or stop by her office in Oland Hall G14. 

Where can I go?

Currently, there are thirteen destinations with a wide variety of course options. Below are just a few.

Birmingham, United Kingdom 

Program selection includes biomedical sciences, film and media, global environmental issues, mathematical finance and financial time series analysis, and contemporary challenges in world politics. 

The British Cultural Heritage program is a three-week course taught by the Ironbridge Institute. Ase explained that a student who took this program previously absolutely loved it. They recounted bus trips around the United Kingdom to visit historical landmarks.

The program details specify that students will “explore the art, architecture, literature, music, design and popular culture that form the basis of Britain’s culture and heritage and continue to shape its identity.” 

MICEFA, Paris, France

Programs offered in Language and Culture and Medical and Public Health. (UNB Abroad Testimonials)

The Medical and Public Health program is perfect for nursing and medical science students. The program information web page explains that “course modules will focus on various aspects of public health practices such as healthcare and poverty, woman and children’s health, emergency medicine, mental health, HIV and STDs and more. Each module will be complemented with lectures and visits to local hospitals and health-related organizations…” 

Cologne University, Germany

The University of Cologne offers a wide variety of course options. The Cologne International Summer University MBA program’s 2020 course options are Leadership & Diversity and Sustainability & Competitive Advantage.

The Doing Business in Germany program “is a study tour format offered exclusively for (E)MBA students…” The 2020 DBi program will focus on the German automotive sector and the German energy sector. There are also programs offered in arbitration and meditation, new frontiers in organic electronics and perspectives and visions of digital societies. 

The university website states that “the International Office bears the expenses for accommodation (breakfast included), public transportation ticket, courses, visits, excursions, welcome and farewell dinner and a barbecue.” 

The other destinations are Ireland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Singapore, Thailand, Austria and Finland. Check out the full 2020 program list here.

The first application deadline is January 15, 2020, and can be found here.

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