“A small wooden house near that sweet lake”,
that’s what you said to me
when I asked you what your dream was.

Now together we stand here
next to our wooden house,
holding two cups of coffee,
we stand together staring at each other.

Slowly, I placed my hand on your belly,
and I sensed a small part of me beating inside of you.
“She must be beautiful like you”, I said.
“Yes he is”, she replied.
I smiled at her and stretched out,
my arms to hold her close.

Together we looked at the lake,
moving slowly to into dawn’s sunrise,
which broke into the sky.
Then we kissed each other, and I said
to her, “Good Morning my sunshine”.

As the ripples of the lake came to a rest,
droplets slowly dripped down the mirror.
Amid this dark sky, oh mirrors, I can sense
a beat of dawn somewhere in that dark sky.
Oh, mirrors tell me,
Does a mirror always reflect accurately?