OPINION: Stop bathing in perfume. You still stink.


Many people are sensitive to scents, some more severely than others, and wearing scents in public is quite an inconsiderate decision just so you can smell “better”. What most people don’t realize is: you still stink.

Not those who wear scented deodorant or use scented hair products, things that can only be noticed if you are quite close to someone, but those who coat their clothing in cologne or perfume each morning. Why do you do it?

Despite all the public awareness campaigns that exist, all of the signage, you still choose to take a bath in cheap cologne every morning. People who are sensitive to scents can suffer asthma attacks, severe headaches, or even anaphylaxis. Is smelling “good” really worth putting other people at risk?

Not only are you making people who are sensitive to scents suffer, but you are making people who aren’t sensitive to scents literally taste your perfume. Have you tasted your perfume? I have. It is gross. Stop bathing in perfume, no one enjoys choking on it except for you. Want to smell good? Take a shower.