Mixed results for Seawolves on February 1

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This weekend was a busy one for sports fans, as there were four basketball games throughout the weekend played at the UNBSJ campus. The teams playing were the UNBSJ Seawolves and the UKF Blue Devils, with mixed results for the Seawolves in the end. 

The men’s basketball team clinched a victory on February 1. (Devin Connelly/The Baron)

Close loss for the women’s team

Despite a hard-fought battle in the first game, the women’s basketball team wound up getting beat 84-44. Throughout all four quarters, the Seawolves used up half of their available timeouts. In terms of total fouls, no team performed worse (or better) than the other, as both teams had five by the end of the fourth quarter. That theme of difficulty remained the same for the entire game; the opening left the Seawolves down 7-20 in the first period. The Seawolves created hope in the second period by shortening the opponents’ lead, lowering the difference to 19 points, making the score 20-39. However, that hope didn’t make it through on the court, and the Wolves wound up losing 44-84. 

Victory for the men’s team

The second main event that night was the men’s basketball game. While the men’s team won in the end, it was anything but an easy victory. After the final buzzer sounded off, the scoreboard boasted a score of 69-63 in favour of the Seawolves. Similar to the girls’ game, both teams had five fouls by the end of the fourth quarter. The Seawolves didn’t use up all their available timeouts, while the Devils were left with one by the end of the fourth period. Tensions were mounting as the scores were neck and neck throughout the game; at the end of the first period, the Seawolves were up by two points, with a score of 19-17. They turned their two-point lead into an eight-point one in the second period, keeping a score of 36-28, and maintained that up until the end of the third quarter. By the time the buzzer rang to signal the end of the third quarter, the Seawolves were ahead of the competition with a score of 53-45 and could smell victory, but the Devils weren’t going to give up. Despite all the Devils’ efforts, the Seawolves were able to hold back defeat, and finished with a six-point lead, making the final score 69-63. 

Weekend for a good cause

This event was also special for a reason other than basketball; almost everyone attending the event, as well as all the players on UNBSJ’s basketball team, were wearing pink to raise awareness for breast cancer. All proceeds raised for the game went to the Canadian Cancer Society and St. Joseph’s Breast Health Program. To aid in raising money, there were booths set up that sold treats with the price being by donation. There were also 50-50 raffle tickets being sold before the event. While everyone loves a good basketball game, the experience is always made a little sweeter with the knowledge the money is going towards a good cause.  

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