UNB-SRC proposes new by-law changes


On February 14, the UNB-SRC announced its proposed by-law changes. The document, available on their website, outlines 16 proposed changes to the UNB-SRC bylaws. The following are the main changes being made.

Only undergraduate students are being included as members of the UNB-SRC company, and not graduate students.

The titles of the Directors of the Company have been changed; the Vice President of Finance is now the Vice President of Finance and Operations, and the Vice President Social is now the Vice President Student Life.

The pay of the President has also decreased by $500, while the V.P. Finance and Operations and V.P. Student Life have received an increase of $500.

The President will now also be responsible for the appointment of student representatives to university committees.

The position of Orientation Chair has been added, to be chosen by the Executive UNB-SRC members.

All of the proposed changes can be viewed here.