UNBSJ and NBCC create new opportunity for business students

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The University of New Brunswick Saint John campus and New Brunswick Community College are teaming up to create a new degree pathway for business students.

Petra Hauf (right), UNB Saint John Vice-President, and Ann Drennan (left), NBCC Vice-President Academic and Research sign a memorandum of understanding allowing business students from NBCC to transfer to the Masters of Business Administration program at UNB. (UNB/Website)

The changes allow those with a degree in NBCC’s International Business Management to get a master’s degree in business from UNB, providing the applicant meets the requirements. Requirements include a minimum CGPA of 3.3, three consecutive years of relevant and full-time work, and English proficiency.

“This [memorandum of understanding] will further diversify our campus’ MBA program by admitting NBCC students who have completed the post-graduate program and meet eligibility requirements. We hope to see the first intake of students in the fall of 2020.” Said Dr. Petra Hauf, vice-president of UNB Saint John.

“In the 21st century economy, lifelong learning is increasingly important to ensure our graduates have the skills security they need to meet the changing landscape of the world of work,” said Ann Drennan, vice-president academic and research at NBCC. “By partnering with other post-secondary institutions like UNB, NBCC is pleased to provide our graduates with options for continuing education.” 

Heather Campbell, senior manager of communications at UNB, said that there are a number of pre-existing pathways, similar to this, in both business and health fields through UNB and NBCC that are unique to these schools.

“This program is part of an international accredited curriculum – FIT – which provides specialized study in the area of international business,” said Campbell “This partnership allows students already studying in Saint John to continue to do so at a higher level, increasing their employment opportunities and likelihood of staying in Saint John.”

Tanya Greer, coordinator of corporate communications at NBCC, said “NBCC has a number of pathways agreements with institutions all across Canada and around the world.” These can be found on NBCC’s website, however this specific agreement provides admission to the MBA program for students who have successfully completed NBCC’s International Business Management course.

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