SRC election results in, voter turnout down 14 percent

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The SRC election results are in. There was a voter turnout of 18.6 percent, down 13.8 percent from last year’s election. 385 out of 2066 registered voters cast a ballot, compared to 662 last year. It is possible that the turnout was smaller this year because there were fewer people running for positions.

SRC President

Patrick Hickey was re-elected as SRC President by a landslide. Hickey had 308 votes and Jason Walsh had 71. Hickey announced his gratitude in an Instagram post.

“It feels great to be re-elected and to know that students can see the progress we have made over the last year,” Hickey said. “Major projects for next year would be continuing to improve study spaces, current services, the resource centre, as well as recreation and wellness projects.”

Hickey also emphasized that he wants students to know that they can come speak to any SRC executive member at anytime with their questions or concerns.

His campaign broke down everything he, and the current SRC, have done for the campus in the last year. This includes improvements in the campus trails, partnering with the Green Society on events and projects, the introduction of a mental wellness student lounge, adding tech to current study rooms, and helping introduce Real Campus, a mental health support system.

Unopposed positions

Many positions were unopposed and those running were elected. This includes Arts, Business, SASE, Mature Student, and International Student Councillor positions, as well as VP External.

From left-to-right: Ashley cook, VP External 2019/2020; Patrick Hickey, SRC President 2019-2021; Katie Herrington, VP External 2020/2021. From UNBSJ’s Oktoberfest 2019. (Amelia Bailey/The Baron)

Katie Herrington was elected as VP External; Emma Higdon was elected as the Arts Councillor; Maria Cummings was voted in as Business Councillor; Ria Sabitry was elected as the International Student Coucillor; Kaleigh Wadden was elected as SASE councillor.

“I’m very excited to be taking on this important role on the SRC,” Herrington said. “My hope for the next year is that I can be the best advocate possible for UNBSJ students at municipal, provincial and federal levels. I hope to represent the students well next year.”

LGBTQ Councillor

Kirsten Hurley was elected as LGBTQ Councillor, having just 2 more votes than her opponent, Ariel Arthurs.

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