Knives Out (2019 film) – directed by Rhian Johnson

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In the pursuit of unravelling the mystery and solving the crime, one finds abundant humour in Rhian Johnson’s 2019 film, Knives Out. This film feels more like a game of Clue to the audience but with witty dialogues and comedy scenes. It has everything to set up the perfect “who done it?” mystery: a huge mansion, a birthday party and a set of suspects with equal motives for the murder. These pieces bring the audience into a crime-solving puzzle, where the audience must make sense of the situation with the clues provided.

After his 85th birthday celebration, Harlyn Thrombey said goodbye to those who came together to celebrate and went to his bedroom. The next morning, his caretaker is shocked to the cold dead body of Thrombey lying on the sofa in a pool of blood, holding a knife. Meanwhile, renowned Detective Banuit Blanc is paid to investigate the death of Thrombey from an anonymous benefactor. Detective Blanc soon realizes that every person at the party had a motive to kill Thrombey… but who was the one who committed the crime?

Solving this puzzle becomes increasingly challenging to untangle, for the longer the murderer is on the loose, the quicker the evidence disappears.

This comedy-mystery entertains the audience with its witty dialogues and an engaging plot. The film is unique in its content and is devoted to including comic relief and overall entertainment for the audience.

Knives Out hosts a grand cast consisting of Ana de Armas, Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Jamie Lee, and Toni Collet. It stands out from the cliché mystery movies in the narration style, while typical detective fictions follow the conventional rule of three D’s (Death, Detection and Disclosing information), Knives Out holds a different way to show the truth. It keeps the audience on its toes, with thrilling twists and turns to the plot.

Knives Out is certainly not your cold-blooded criminal containing, nail-biting movie, but it will appeal to anyone who loves a little comedy with their suspense.

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