UNB-SRC events cancelled, purchasing groceries for students in need

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The Student Representative Council recently announced on social media that they are cancelling upcoming events in response to the current COVID-19 outbreak. Some students already purchased tickets to these events and wanted answers, we reached out to Allie Ruigrok, VP Social, to get them.

What events have been cancelled?

Last Class Bash (Grandtheft and Karate Kactus), St. Patrick’s Day Pancake Breakfast, the Meeting of Members (which would have taken place at Colonel Tucker’s), as well as all events run by clubs and societies. Students have already been refunded for tickets purchased.

No plans to reschedule

There is no plan to reschedule any events “due to the uncertainty surrounding timelines for closures.” Ruigrok said. “As the university is essentially closing up shop for the remainder of the school semester and our budget year ends soon, we’re looking at other ways to spend money to help students experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19.”

Surplus in budget going back to students

SRC surpluses do not carry forward into the next year and, since major events have been cancelled, the SRC has invested in grocery gift cards to give to students who are unable to work due to COVID-19. Anyone who is in need of help can reach out to Patrick Hickey by email at president@unbsrc.ca.

The SRC announced Monday, March 16, that their office would be closed until further notice and SafeRide has been suspended for the rest of the academic year. Bus tokens are available to students outside of the SRC office for those who need them.

Patrick Hickey, the President of the UNB-SRC, stated that the “SRC will continue to work with the university during this time to ensure that the health, safety and needs of students are met, while trying to maintain a regular academic schedule for the remainder of the semester.”

UNB also announced recently that all students living on residence must move out by March 18, unless they are unable to leave or have symptoms of COVID-19.

Minimal losses to deposits on venues and other events

“We have lost a small amount of money in deposits for larger events, but these small fees are to cover services already rendered. Our venue, production company and the artists have done a commendable job of accommodating us given the evolving situation.” Ruigrok responded, in an email.

More information about UNB’s response to the coronavirus can be found here.

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