UNB tuition increased to buy masks for students working at home

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UNB has spent thousands of dollars on branded masks for students to wear during the 2020/2021 school year, which will mostly be spent at home.

(Cameron Fitch/blogs.unb.ca)

Students have been protesting the 2% tuition increase for the, mostly, remote semester. It is now clear that these cries are falling onto deaf ears and the 2% was just to buy free advertising on student’s faces.

“I don’t want a branded face mask; I just want to be able to afford tuition,” a business student told The Baron. “All of my classes are remote; do I need to go to campus to pick mine up?”

A lot is still unknown about the coming 2020/2021 school year.

“In terms of experience, no it’s not going to be an inferior product at all.” George MacLean, UNB Fredericton Vice-President Academic, said. “We are in the process of rigorously teaching tenured professors how to unmute their microphones, share their screen, and adjust their volumes to ensure that the university experience does not change”.

MacLean refused to comment on the PowerPoint and basic video playback issues that professors have struggled with long before COVID-19 hit.

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