UNB partners with Family Plus Life Solutions to expand mental health services


On September 14, UNB Saint John announced that they are partnering with Family Plus Life Solutions to expand counselling services for students. By identifying as a UNB Saint John student, this provides access to counselling services through Family Plus at a reduced cost.

Sheldon MacLeod, Director of Student Services, said that UNB Saint John chose to collaborate with Family Plus because the university has had a working relationship with them in the past, and it has been very positive. They are also well-established in the community and appear to have a good understanding of the specific and unique needs of young adults and students, which makes them a good fit.

This partnership was created to bridge the gap in counselling services that the university counsellors cannot provide, such as more complex or long-term therapy. This also allows students to access more affordable services if they are taking time off from school or graduating and no longer an active student, which is not possible with regular on-campus counselling services.

MacLeod also stated that this partnership allows students to form a connection with support services directly in the community so that they are prepared for when they are outside of the university environment. Another benefit of this service is that it transitions students smoothly from UNB’s services to Family Plus services.

As explained by MacLeod, the services provided through Family Plus, if that route is taken, are not free. However, they are a non-profit organization and will work with clients to ensure that they can receive the services they need that fits within their budget.

How do I access this service?

(Real Campus/Website)

Students can start at UNB’s on-campus counselling, RealCampus online, or FamilyPlus. No proof of enrollment is needed; students can simply self-identify to receive the preferred rate. This is accessible to all students regardless of whether you have your own insurance, are covered through UNB’s health plan, or have no insurance at all.

MacLeod also assured that confidentiality is maintained at all times; Family Plus may send statistics to the university on how many students are utilizing the services but will never share any private information with them.

Wait times are about the same as their other mental health services through UNB counselling or Real Campus, which is approximately a few days. Appointment availability is dependent on Family Plus and how busy they are and what kind of care you need.

Counselling appointments can be made on-campus with Student Services by emailing sjcounsellor@unb.ca or by using this link. Appointments with Family Plus can be made directly by calling 634-8295.