UNB Sustainability Week to be virtual this year


UNB is hosting its third annual Sustainability Week from October 13-19 online this year. This will include several virtual events such as a green business panel and sustainable food discussions. There will also be an educational series showing how UNB is working to address the United Nations’ sustainable developmental goals. 

UNB’s Sustainability Program was developed in 2014. (Jeff Crawford/UNB Media Services)

UNB Sustainability is a program created in 2014 that supports both UNB campuses through various partners to advance the university as a sustainable institution economically, socially, and environmentally.

The group works with their supporting partners to promote sustainability through academics, operations, engagement, planning, and administration. Their goals include attaining a gold sustainability rating by 2030 (UNB’s current rating is silver), and achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, as part of the Climate Change Action Plan they developed for both campuses.

The group hopes to develop a sustainability plan for the UNB Saint John campus by 2021, as they only have one for the Fredericton campus at this time. They have several team members, including a climate change officer, a sustainability officer, a waste management officer, and an energy management officer. 

What is Sustainability?

The UN has 17 goals set for member countries to meet by the year 2030. (United Nations/Website)

Sustainability is defined as meeting the current needs of the world without hindering the availability of resources to meet the world’s future needs.

UNB’s sustainability program focuses on three aspects: social, such as living standards, education, community and equality; economical, such as economic growth, research and development, and profit; and environmental, such as resource use, environmental management, and pollution prevention.

The United Nations’ 17 sustainability goals were developed in 2015 with the hopes of member countries meeting them by the year 2030. Though sustainability is often viewed as environmental protection, it also addresses poverty, inequality, and peace and justice. To learn more about sustainability, visit the UN’s website.

Follow UNB Sustainability’s social media accounts to learn more and keep up with the week’s events. You can also learn more about the group, including other upcoming events and sustainability tips and resources, on their webpage.