Student Day at the Saint John City Market

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If you are interested in participating in some activities around the city this weekend, the Saint John City Market is hosting a Student Day during their Winter Market on Saturday, November 21. 

(Saint John City Market/Facebook)

The event will be taking place from 10:00 A.M. to 3 P.M. Special pricing for students will be offered, but anyone who comes to the Market that day can enjoy the discounts, as well. 

Free transportation provided

If you are a student of UNBSJ, NBCC, or another post-secondary institution where you are studying remotely, there are collection and drop-off services that are available that day free of charge to take you to and from the event. To take advantage of these services, you must indicate when you RSVP via email that you want to “sign up for the bus”. Once you RSVP, the transportation details will then be provided in an email response. To RSVP, email  

First annual Winter Market

The Winter Market at the Saint John City Market is a new event that began this year at the beginning of November and will run every Saturday into the winter months. 

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