Two jobs available through the UNB Psychology department

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GlobalChild, a program in UNB Saint John’s Department of Psychology, has two job positions available for students this summer.  

(University of Alberta/Website)


GlobalChild is a research program funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) that focuses on children’s health, development, and rights. The research program has been recently housed at UNB. 

This year, the program is ready to launch the GlobalChild platform in New Brunswick, which will monitor child rights under the auspices of the UNCRC. 

NB-pilot GlobalChild will start this year and the program is looking for two summer students for the following positions in the team.  

Pilot position  

Interested applicants must be registered in year 2, 3, or 4 of a health-related undergraduate degree program at UNB or hold an undergraduate/graduate degree and be currently registered in year 1, 2, or 3 of a New Brunswick-based M.D. program to be considered for the position. 

This full-time position involves the following: 

  • Literature search and contributing to the development of the project-related documents;
  • Participation in grant writing under the supervision of the Principal Investigator (PI); 
  • Participation in the social media activities of the project- updates on LinkedIn, Twitter, and web page updates;
  • Working closely with the Program Coordinator and participating in the planning of the events of the project;
  • Participation in the activities related to the data collection and data clean-up of the N.B.-pilot;
  • Participation in the development of the manuscripts for publication in peer-reviewed journals; 
  • Participation in the design and implementation of Knowledge Translation activities.

The pilot position also involves data collection, networking, data clean-up, and learning the policies and practices to support children’s health and development in New Brunswick. 

The compensation would be $430 a week and the position would last from May until the end of August. If the program sees a fit between the requirements of the position and a particular student, the program may offer a 3-4 day work week position. 

Candidates must possess effective problem-solving skills, advanced writing skills, familiarity with social media, attention to detail, excellent oral communication skills, ability to multi-task and work under pressure, and have awareness and respect for cultural and political values and sensitivity. 

To apply, the student must send a cover letter, a copy of their CV, and a writing sample. 

The deadline for applying for this position is January 29. 

Management of GlobalChild platform position 

For this position, the requirements for the student are to be registered in year 2, 3, or 4 of the undergraduate computer science program at UNB or in a New Brunswick-based M.D. program and must have strong computing skills and expertise in creating online questionnaires.  

This opportunity would ask the student to: 

  • Make necessary changes and updates to content using the WordPress program;
  • Interact with the programmers who developed the platform and gain an understanding of the functions of the different parts of the platform;
  • Add programmed features to the platform, such as HeatMaps and capacity for word search;
  • Troubleshoot technical problems during the NB-pilot when the platform is used by the data collection team.

The chosen candidate would need to become familiar with the GlobalChild platform, which means serving as the technical contact person for the team and working with the core platform’s operating system, Ubuntu Linux. 

The platform also uses WordPress, and its system uses the URL of each page to display its content within an HTML frame. 

The full-time position would last from May until the end of August. In case a great candidate is not able to work full-time, the position may be able to change to a 3-4 day a week schedule.  

Depending on the chosen candidate’s skill set and work, there may be an opportunity to remain in the program under a new contract. The new position would involve taking part in the design and implementation of Knowledge Translation activities of NB-Pilot, such as developing YouTube clips and/or participating in grant writing under the supervision of the PI to attract funds for expansion of the platform.  

The main characteristics the candidate must possess are effective problem-solving skills, accurate attention to detail, advanced writing skills, excellent oral communication skills, and being able to adjust to changing priorities. 

Students interested must send a cover letter and a copy of their CV before February 2.  

How to apply 

Students interested must email the requested documents to Mary Miernicki at