How’s your housing? UNB-SRC collaborate with UTILE for housing survey

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The UNB-SRC and the Student Housing Implementation Working Group (UTILE) have partnered up and created a survey to document the housing situation of students in Canada. 


Housing survey 

The data will be used by the SRC to better understand the challenges students face regarding housing.  

According to the SRC Facebook post, the majority of student tenants pay rent that is too expensive for their means, even though the apartment is not in optimal conditions and/or they share the housing with other tenants. 

The survey will be available until Wednesday, March 31. All answers will remain confidential. 

Why the survey is important

“Housing can be super expensive and right now New Brunswick does not have a lot of data on the housing of students. I strongly encourage students to complete this survey so the SRC can review the data that has been collected and use it to back up any applicable recommendations we bring to the government if this is seen as a priority”, said Vice-President External Charlotte Fanjoy. 


UTILE is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting affordable housing for students in Canada and collaborating with student organizations to improve student housing. 

The organization has partnered with multiple universities and colleges across Canada for this study. 

To learn more about UTILE, click here.