Cycling campaign being hosted in Saint John this weekend

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A campaign to raise awareness of the lack of safety implementations and infrastructure for cycling in Saint John is taking place this Sunday, March 28. 

Planned route for Sunday’s cycling event. (Cycling for SJ/Facebook)

Cycling event 

The event is being organized by one of the founders of the Saint John Tool Library and councillor-at-large candidate Brent Harris. 

The cycling event called “Cycling for SJ” consists of a cycling circuit that will go from Mcallister Mall by Sports Check to uptown and back. The circuit is calculated to last less than an hour.   

Interested participants must bring their own bicycles. 

The participants will start the circuit at 10 a.m. on March 28. However, people can join at any point of the route and follow the group. 

According to the Facebook event page, all COVID-19 safety protocols will be followed.  

This event aims to bring the issue of the lack of safe and effective cycling opportunities within the city into the public light. 

Although there is a lack of infrastructure for cycling and there has been an accident involving a cyclist last November, Harris stated that he has taken measures to make sure the route is safe for attendees. The measures include a van driving slowly close to the group and a notice to the local police force. 

Harris’ cycling plan 

Event organizer, Saint John Tool Library founder, and municipal election candidate Brent Harris. (Brent for Councillor at Large/Facebook)

“Cycling for SJ”, an event organized by Harris and his campaign team, also aims to raise awareness of Harris’s plans if elected as councillor-at-large in the next Municipal elections. 

“We can pursue new opportunities to partner with other private and government groups to champion safe cycling development for Saint John”. 

He also mentions other public transportation initiatives he intends to pursue such as decreasing the demand for car ownership and improving the walkability of the city.