Orientation Week kicks off at UNB Saint John

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It’s orientation week at UNB Saint John, and the UNB-SRC is hosting a week-long series of fun and memorable events for our new students. This is an excellent opportunity for students to become acquainted with their new surroundings and make new friends who share similar academic interests. 

The SRC executives and the Orientation Chair pose with Goosechase participants. (UNB-SRC/Facebook).

UNB Alumni Association’s Goosechase event

The UNB Alumni Association is hosting a week-long competition called “GooseChase.” for first-year students only. To participate, students must sign up on the GooseChase App. With this, students can get assigned missions and complete the assigned tasks and activities to earn points.  

Winners of the competition (those who have completed the majority of the tasks/activities and have been the most active student during the week) will get a PlayStation 5 and the Watch Dogs Legion Game.  

Week-long “Zen Den”

Another event that will be taking place throughout the week is the “Zen Den” at the Thomas J. Condon Student Centre in Room 226. This event consists of several relaxing activities that will help students take a break. 

First day activities

On September 6, the O-Week team distributed orientation kits to our first-year students. The kit included the O-Week booklet, which contains all of the information for the events and activities that would take place throughout the week, as well as university swag. 

Bell, as one of the major sponsors for orientation week, invited students to personalize the t-shirts that were included in the orientation kit; RBC, another sponsor, hosted an event for the students called “Budgeting 101 & Student Banking Solutions”. This session provided information to the students on how to effectively manage their money. 

The Orientation Olympics and Casino also took place on the first day of orientation week, followed by a movie night in the quad and a student BBQ. 

Dying to Retire- A Mega Mystery Game

On September 8th, the SRC hosted an event where students painted pots and planted seeds in the garden. Later, an event named “Dying to Retire-A Mega Mystery Game” was hosted by Breakout Saint John. This allowed students to solve different games & puzzles within a group structure.  

Shinerama Showcase

On September 9, the day started with a trail walk to Tucker Park Beach to enjoy the beautiful weather. A “Shinerama Showcase” event was held in the evening, and students were encouraged to make donations.  

Quiz night and Goosechase announcement

To close out the week, on September 10, a “Pinwheels & Airplanes” event will be held to promote mental health and introduce students to the campus Mental Health and Wellness Coordinator.  

That same evening there will be a quiz night at The Whitebone Pizzeria with fun prizes for the students to win. The winner of the PlayStation 5 will also be announced, bringing an end to the orientation week. 

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