Government of New Brunswick implements new COVID-19 restrictions

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On Wednesday, September 15, the provincial government announced new restrictions starting on September 22 at midnight due to rising cases in New Brunswick.

GNB infograph indicates where individuals will have to show proof of vaccination to enter a facility. (Government of New Brunswick/Facebook)

Update on restrictions

The new restrictions consist of showing proof of vaccination before entering certain businesses or attending certain events. It also includes travellers pre-registering their travel before entering the province.

“These changes are necessary to ensure that our province is able to remain in Green and avoid lockdowns, which we know are detrimental to businesses and people’s mental health”, said Premier Blaine Higgs.

Showing proof of vaccination

People will need to show proof of vaccination before accessing public venues such as festivals, indoor and outdoor dining, movie theatres, gyms, and indoor organized gatherings.

To show proof of vaccination, people can use the MyHealthNB website, show an immunization record, or a picture of it. People vaccinated outside New Brunswick and people who cannot receive a vaccine for medical reasons are required to show proof as well.

More information about services that require proof of vaccination can be found here.

Travel pre-registration

GNB infograph lays out the requirements for travel registration to enter New Brunswick. (GNB/Facebook)

Anyone travelling to New Brunswick after September 21 must register their travel on New Brunswick Travel Registration Program, including people from the province returning from outside New Brunswick. 

To register, people must upload proof of full vaccination. Unless fully vaccinated, people must isolate for 14 days. They can shorten their isolation if on day 10 if their COVID –19 test result is negative.

Only Campobello residents who travel back and forth to the province can travel by only registering. They are not required to isolate, fully vaccinated or not. 

Individuals or businesses that do not follow the new restrictions could face fines between $172.50 and $772.50. 

UNB testing policy

At the time this article is released, UNB has not provided an update about the delay of the testing policy previously announced, nor a statement about these new restrictions.