Real Campus counselling program cancelled as of September 1

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On August 30, Real Campus sent an email and made social media posts advising that their mental health program would be cancelled as of the following day, September 1.

The Real Campus program launched in 2018 and was available through UNB in 2019. (Real Campus/Twitter)

UNB Saint John signed on to this program in the fall of 2019 to expand its counselling services for undergraduate students.

It was accessible 24/7 365 to all students, including part-time and international students and those who opted out of the student health program.

News of closure 

UNB did not provide any communications about the program’s cancellation to the student body.

According to Sheldon MacLeod, the Director of Student Services, the university is actively working to replace the program within 30 days, but no official start date was provided. 

Statement from Student Services 

MacLeod stated that the university was informed of the cancellation in “late summer”, and that the transition has been difficult due to complications with third-party vendors, as well as delays caused by the pandemic.

However, he said that the campus’ counselling and health services made sure that no waitlists are pending, and the program’s community partners such as Mobile Mental Health and Family Plus are still available to the students for immediate assistance. 

It is important to note that Mobile Mental Health does not provide counselling, and that Family Plus is not free.

Response from the UNB-SRC

Charlotte Fanjoy, President of the UNB-SRC, was “extremely frustrated” to hear of the program closure so close to the beginning of the new school year.

“[The SRC has] been working very closely with UNB Student Services to ensure that the options considered for replacement are nothing but beneficial for our students.”

Fanjoy encourages students to reach out if they have any questions or concerns while the new program is being organized.

New program is planned

MacLeod is looking forward to the launch of the new program.

“…the new program has the great 24/7 access and the local follow-up with in-person counsellors of the past system, with some other online services to enhance the experience,”.

Services currently available

Students can still access the counselling services of UNB by email, or by visiting their website.

If you are currently experiencing a mental health crisis, please utilize the following options:

  • CHIMO Help Line Inc. (Crisis Line 1-800-667-5005)
  • Mobile Mental Health Crisis Services (1-888-811-3664)
  • 911 
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