Struggling with your mental health? Here are some options for students

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The University of New Brunswick’s Saint John campus has partnered with several mental health services over the years to assist students in improving their mental wellbeing. Here are the following options available to students while Real Campus is in the process of being replaced.

Counselling services can be found on the ground floor of Oland Hall. (UNB/Website)

UNB Counselling Services

UNB Counselling Services offers a variety of free, confidential, and short-term mental health services to UNB students enrolled in a degree program. Counsellors give therapeutic services to students residing in New Brunswick, including individual and group counselling sessions. Other mental health services on campus include:

(1) Student Health Centre

(2) Nancy Harn Indigenous Counselling Services

(3) SVNB Campus Sexual Assault Support Advocate 

To book an appointment online, this form needs to be filled out. For private online support, students can register on the Therapy Assistance Online (TAO) website. Students currently outside of the province can access additional resources via this link. Their office can be found on the ground floor of Oland Hall.

Family Plus Life Solutions 

(Family Plus/Website)

UNB partnered with Family Plus Life on September 14, 2020, to provide students with more long-term mental health services. As a UNB Saint John student, you are eligible to gain access to Family Plus Life counselling services at a discounted rate. 

To register for the services, no proof of enrollment is required. Students can simply self-identify to receive a discount rate which is covered through UNB’s health plan. Family Plus Life offers both individual and group counselling services as well as educational assessments for childhood learning disabilities. 

On-campus counselling appointments can be arranged through Student Services by emailing or by visiting the website. Students can also directly give the agency a call at (506)-634-8295.

Mobile Mental Health

If students are experiencing a mental health crisis, Mobile Mental Health is available through the province. They can provide consultative/assessment services to individuals who are suffering from an acute episode of mental illness, psychiatric assessments, triage, crisis intervention, and stabilization of clients experiencing a mental health crisis. 

The mental health facility can be contacted via telephone-1-888-811-3664 between 11 a.m. and 11 p.m. Please visit the website for any additional information.

Chimo Crisis Line


The mission of Chimo Crisis Line is to provide effective crisis intervention, referrals, and vital information to the community in a supportive and confidential setting. Types of services that the mental health facility provides include toolkits for suicide prevention & mental health services, weekly blog posts with tips for maintaining a healthy mind and body, and weekly and monthly mental health self-care events and activities. 

Event registration or appointments can be booked by emailing or calling 1-800-667-5005. The phone line can be reached 24/7. Please visit the website for any additional updates, resources, and news.


(United Way Moncton/Website)

211 can also be dialed 24/7 to find out information on locally available resources for a wide range of issues, not just mental health-related. 

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