Weekly Clubs and Societies series: African-Caribbean society


The Baron is hosting a weekly series introducing readers to the clubs and societies on campus here at UNB Saint John.

The African Caribbean Society (ACS) is an association dedicated to promoting diversity and equity by fostering a community where African and Caribbean students can connect and positively promote their culture. The student-run club provides a wide range of opportunities for its members to build connections and supports one another to grow within the community. 

The ACS hosted a mixer event on September 24. (ACS/Instagram)

Mixer Event on September 24 was a success

On Friday, September 24, the African Caribbean Society hosted a mixer event at the Whitebone Pizzeria. The students who attended the event had a great time. The event included games with a chance to win prizes, food, and karaoke entertainment. The event was well-organized and the students were able to engage with one another following the COVID guidelines. 

Statement from the club’s President 

ACS President Precious Adenowo. (ACS/Instagram)

The President of the African Caribbean Society, Precious Adenowo, said that the primary goal of the association is to inspire and engage the club’s members, embrace the African traditions, and educate members and non-members about their unique history and culture. 

Interested in the club? Register as a member!

Anyone interested in becoming a member of the club can email aappiahk@unb.ca. If you would like to receive notifications for the latest updates on the club’s events and activities, please visit the club’s Facebook Page and Instagram Page