Weekly Clubs and Societies series: UNBSJ Women in Business

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The Baron is hosting a weekly series introducing readers to the clubs and societies on campus here at UNB Saint John.

The UNBSJ Women in Business Society brings events and opportunities to UNB Saint John to empower and prepare students for their future in business. The club hosts networking events, professional development opportunities, and social events that allow students to meet other UNBSJ students and business experts in the Saint John area. 

(UNBSJ Women in Business/Facebook)

New Events & Opportunities 

After having a successful Clubs Week and having the opportunity to meet many students, the club’s executive team is working hard to bring new events, opportunities, and giveaways to the student body. Many events and interactive activities are being planned for the academic year that will help students to make connections as well as enjoy the events with some food and drinks. 

Register as a Member

If you are interested in becoming a member, please send a direct message to the club’s Instagram or send an email requesting to register as a member.

The new executive team is very excited for new students to join the club this year and is looking forward to hosting some amazing events.

Contact Details 

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