Weekly Clubs and Societies series: UNBSJ Psychology Society

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The Baron is hosting a weekly series introducing readers to the clubs and societies on campus here at UNB Saint John.

The UNBSJ Psychology (Psych) Society is a group of psychology students that seek to
promote psychology to all UNB Saint John students by organizing entertaining events and
sharing relevant information and opportunities on social media.

(UNBSJ Psychology Society/Facebook)

What kind of events does the Society host?

The Psych Society hosts several trivia nights, initiates multiple giveaways, and has created an online platform to sell the club’s merchandise.

They also host Q & A sessions with professors and provide study space and encouragement to students as they discuss and work on projects together.

In addition to hosting events, the club stays active on social media accounts where they promote self-care and mental health-friendly tips for members.

Does the Society collaborate with our Student Representative Council?

The club did a collaboration with the SRC to host Halloween events during the 2020-2021
academic year and also actively participated in the 2021 Orientation Week’s events.

Statement from the Society’s Vice President

The Psych Society’s Vice President, Amal Koshy George, stated that the club has been
effective in organizing events and involving students. He has been a member of the club for two years and cherishes being a part of such a forward-thinking group of students.

As Vice President, Amal is in charge of the social media accounts as well as the promotion of the events and activities. He is also in charge of responding to any inquiries or concerns that the students may have. He mentioned that the Society is incredibly welcoming to new members regardless of their field of study and that it is a place where everyone can come together and discuss their ideas and goals for the future.

Interested in joining?

Please visit the website https://www.unbsrc.ca/clubs to learn more about this and other clubs UNBSJ offers.

To stay up-to-date with their events and activities on the campus, please visit the Psych Society Facebook and Instagram pages.

To register, send a direct email to psychsocietyunbsj@gmail.com or send a message through one of the social media accounts.

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