By-Elections 2021: Know your candidates and how to vote

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This week is voting week for UNB Saint John’s Fall 2021 by-election.

This year, there are three candidates in total. Madison Worth and Parker Rice are running for the SASE (Science Applied Science and Engineering) representative while Katie Herrington is running for the LGBTQ+ representative.

(UNB CRO/Facebook)

Madison Worth

(Madison Worth/Facebook)

Madison is a SASE student who believes SASE students must be represented by a strong leader in “these unprecedented times with new alternative delivery method courses.” She comments that it would be an honour and privilege to be able to represent SASE students officially.

“Whether I am elected or not, I will continue to advocate and be available for my SASE peers, and everyone in our very special university community because everyone deserves a voice and should be heard,” she said.

Parker Rice

(Parker Rice/Instagram)

Parker mentions how excited he is to meet new people and be more involved with the community on campus.

“I think time spent in post-secondary education is an important time and I want to give people the best experience of university along with growing my experience at UNB.”
Parker feels confident that he can be a voice for university students and make the most of the university experience instead of “taking it day by day trying to get through.”

Katie Herrington

(Joy Cummings/UNB)

Katie has expressed her disappointment with the incomplete slate of candidates for the by-elections this year, but she still hopes that “UNBSJ students still take the time to vote for the two positions that are running.”

She encourages students to vote for one of the SASE representative candidates “so [students] know they have the best person for the job representing them.”

The other three categories that were available, First Year representative, Member-at-Large representative, and One Year Student Senator remain empty.

How to vote

To vote, students have to go to My UNB Intranet, which was introduced this year. When scrolling down they will find a category that says “Student Elections: Cast your Ballot.”
Students have to select the By-Elections Fall 2021, vote, and submit.