Government of New Brunswick presents Winter Action Plan

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Due to a rise in infections and cases of COVID-19, particularly among the unvaccinated, new COVID-19 prevention measures have been presented by the Government of New Brunswick as their Winter Action Plan.

Infographic providing the details of each of the three levels of the Winter Action Plan. (GNB/Website)

Winter Action Plan

The Winter Action Plan presented by Health Minister Dorothy Shepard on Friday, December 3 consists of a three-level alert system.

On Saturday, December 4, all areas started in Level 1. This level includes the following regulations:

  • Informal indoor gatherings can host a maximum of 20 people
  • Informal outdoor gatherings can host up to 50 people
  • Wearing a mask in outdoor spaces will be required when social distancing cannot be maintained 
  • Locations such as retail stores, malls, spas, and salons may ask for proof of vaccination or enforce physical social distancing.
  • Schools and daycare will follow their own regulations.

Levels 2 and 3

The other two levels include additional measures that will come into effect if necessary. According to health officials, to move a zone to Level 2, there would need to be a positivity rate of 10 per cent either across the province or in a single zone. This means 70 people hospitalized or 34 people in intensive care and Public Health being unable to communicate the sites of exposure within a reasonable time frame.

To move from Level 2 to 3, a positivity rate of 15% in the province or a single zone would be necessary.

Read more about the Winter Action Plan here.