UNBSJ: Let’s Talk Science

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Let's Talk Science (LTS) UNBSJ is an outreach program that provides creative science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) activities to the youth of Saint John, New Brunswick and the surrounding area.
LTS is currently hosting a giveaway for all new volunteers. (Let’s Talk Science UNBSJ/Submitted)
Their goal is to provide fun educational learning for youth aimed to entice students to continue education or careers in the STEM field.


Let's Talk Science has ongoing virtual outreach with schools from the greater Saint John area, as well as a new exciting event this year. This event will focus on mentorship of Indigenous youth through development of a science fair project. The science fair will take place in March 2022 at the Alaqsite'w Gitpu school in Quebec. 

The volunteer's responsibility will be to support and mentor students on the scientific method, steps of scientific experiments, creating and building the science project, and adhering to the rules of the contest. 

Seeking new volunteers

(Let’s Talk Science UNBSJ/Submitted)
Currently, LTS has a giveaway for new volunteers that is valued at over $100 on their Instagram page, @ltsunbsj. LTS hosts other fun events for volunteer recognition such as pizza parties and movie nights as well as a gift card every month for the volunteer of the month and additional prizes at the end of the year.

Volunteers can sign up using this google form, through emailing lts@unb.ca, or messaging the socials: @ltsunbsj on Instagram or Let's Talk Science UNB Saint John on Facebook. 
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