Weekly Clubs and Societies series: The Education Society

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The Baron is hosting a weekly series introducing readers to the clubs and societies on campus here at UNB.

The Education Society is a recently created society that aims to share interest in teaching and educational resources.

(The Education Society/Instagram)

Society’s activities and events

The Society is planning to host workshops about teaching topics such as the creation of rubrics and lesson planning.

The Education Society is also considering organizing an end-of-year gala for graduating education students.

Society’s vision

The Society’s vision is to motivate students in education. Because of this, they will be working closely with the UNB Saint John Department of Education.
Their aim is to get students interested in teaching to form a community to celebrate educational practices and share teaching resources.

Education Society origins and statement

The Society was formed by 10 Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education students who wished to promote and support the education program. They hope to achieve this through their events.

“We want everyone at the university to feel welcome and included with our society even if they aren’t in the education program,” mentioned an executive member.

Interested in joining?

Students can become general members of The Education Society by following their Instagram page and participating in their events.