Weekly Clubs and Societies series: The Engineering Society

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The Baron is hosting a weekly series introducing readers to the clubs and societies on campus here at UNB.

The Engineering Society gathers engineering students and gives them support and network opportunities.

(The Engineering Society/Facebook)

Society’s activities and events

The Engineering Society offers different events such as trivia nights on Discord, mixers, workshops and more. With these events, the Engineering Society aims to encourage students to connect with students, professors, and mentors while taking a break from their studies.

Additionally, the Society offers members a chance to participate in the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of New Brunswick (APEGNB) by sending UNBSJ student representatives to the meetings and other engineering conferences.

(The Engineering Society/Facebook)

The Society’s vision

The society’s vision is to motivate, develop a network, and support undergraduate students about engineering while having fun during their university years, and to prepare students for life after graduation.

Interested in joining?

Students can become general members of The Engineering Society by sending private messages to their Instagram or Facebook pages.