Learn about the 2022-2023 UNB-SRC General Election candidates

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Before campaigning week comes to an end, learn about the 2022-2023 UNB-SRC candidates to be ready and informed when voting next week.


Voting week will go from February 28 to March 4 before midnight.

Devin Debly – President and CEO

Devin Debly is a third-year student in the Bachelor of Business Administration program.

He stated that UNBSJ students have been challenged academically, mentally, and physically due to the pandemic and with the possible end of the pandemic, the campus needs the best student representation to date. 

If elected, Devin promises to make his personal contact information public so students can reach out to him if they have any ideas or concerns. 

“I want to go above and beyond the standards set for the SRC and maintain an active communication with any and all members of the UNB community.” He also promises to use his creative and new ideas to solve problems and act on the needs of the student body.

One of his plans includes reaching out with the SRC to deans, professors, staff, and students to get an accurate picture of the current situation on campus. 

Ridhima Dixit – Vice-President External

Ridhima Dixit is a first-year student completing a Business major with a Political Science minor. She was born in India, raised in Dubai, and her hobbies include reading, writing, and cooking. 

What motivated her to run for the VP External position is her passion to embrace change and amplify other people’s voices and beliefs regarding Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. “Advocacy is one of the most effective catalysts for change,” Ridhima mentioned.

Ridhima’s goal is to make students aware of the resources available for students on campus and help them find the resources. Her plans include ensuring easy access to menstrual product dispensers across campus for the menstruating population, promotion of learning circles to inspire interest in Indigenous communities, and pushing for Open Education Resources for students so they can get the best education without spending money on expensive textbooks.

Madison Worth – SASE Representative and Two-term UNBSJ Senator

Madison Worth is a second-year student majoring in both Biology and Psychology with a minor in Philosophy. She enjoys kickboxing, playing string instruments, reading, painting, and travelling.

She is the current SASE (Science, Applied Science and Engineering) Rep and wishes to keep the position since she is connected to the SASE students and faculty. Madison considers that “…these relationships are foundational to creating an open line of communication between the students, the SRC, and the university.”

 If re-elected, she promises to be available for students with any ideas or concerns and to work on her project to create a peer-mentorship program where upper-year students can help lower-year ones and build a community on campus between students of all ages, experiences, and programs.

When it comes to the two-term UNBSJ Senator position, Madison will look for ways to connect students socially, create a new Science Society and create a better version of UNBSJ.

Sungmok Lee – SASE Representative

Sungmok Lee (Mok) is currently in his second year of the Bachelor of Science program. He enjoys taking part in drawing, painting, singing, teaching, playing basketball, badminton, and volleyball. Sungmok was born in South Korea but moved to Toronto.

Mok understands that stress and overwhelming feelings are part of the Science degree and promises to help students make their studies less stressful. 

“If you need help finding research positions, finding tutors to answer your questions, or even a buddy to talk to about your concerns and dilemmas – I will ALWAYS be there for you and try to help you to the best of my abilities with the SRC team,” said Sungmok. 

He has claimed that he will always be available, elected or not, through social media if any students need help.

Sarah Mahmood – Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Representative

Sarah Mahmood is a second-year student majoring in both Biology and Psychology. Her goal after graduation is to end up in medicine and become a pediatrician. 

Sarah’s motivation to run for the position is her passion to be vocal and support immigrants and the BIPOC community. 

“I want to make a lasting impact and be able to share the voices and concerns of my fellow UNB students and represent the diversity that is so integral to UNB as a whole,” she stated. 

Her plans if elected include creating conversations about innovative ideas and positive changes in UNB and promises to be open and accessible to students who need someone to confide in or support. Sarah wants to motivate students to vote for her since she will bring students’ issues to the table and bring diversity, equality, and inclusivity to the campus.

Jillian Smith – Arts Representative

Jillian Smith is a fourth-year student in the Bachelor of Arts and Education program majoring in History. She participates as goalie on the UNBSJ Women soccer team. Although four years ago she was in Toronto, she is now a New Brunswick resident.

Although this upcoming school year will be the last one of her program, she wants to be more involved on campus and take a leadership role. 

“After experiencing the pandemic, I realized that I want to make a difference on the campus and to voice the students in the art faculty.” 

Jillian considers herself to be a good candidate because of her experience in the Arts program and her approachable nature, which is the reason she encourages students to reach out to her if they have any concerns.

Remaining positions

The following positions will remain empty until the next by-election in the fall as no one ran during this election cycle:

  • One-term UNBSJ Senate
  • Business Rep
  • International Student Rep
  • LGBTQ+ Rep
  • Mature Student Rep
  • Member at Large Rep
  • Nursing/Health Sciences Rep

How to vote

To vote, students need to go to the “Toolbox” section in MyUNB Intranet and select “Student Elections: Cast your ballot.”

Students will need to look for the current General Elections, vote and submit before March 4 at 11:59 p.m.