Kreating Conversations to host a Mental Health Coffee House

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Kreating Conversations is holding a Mental Health Coffee House this Thursday, April 7 from 6 to 9 p.m. in the Whitebone Pizzeria. The Baron met with President of the Kreating Conversations, Kaydie Surette, to learn more about the upcoming event. 

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What Kreating Conversations is all about 

Kreating Conversations is a mental health organization at UNBSJ that works to tackle the stigma around mental illness and disease in the UNB community. They seek to create a safe space for students to feel welcome and comfortable to discuss their struggles without judgement. 

Mental health coffee house

Thursday’s event will have free coffee and treats, and all students and faculty are welcome. Kreating Conversations is also looking for people to share stories or poems about their experiences with mental health to further their goal of eliminating stigma surrounding mental health. 

“The goal is to let people know that it’s okay to speak about mental health and that the people who attend are listening to your story and care about YOUR mental health,” Kaydie said. 

She continued by emphasizing how important the timing of this event comes for students to “take [their] minds off studying for exams”. 

There will be a 50/50 draw at the event as well as lots of other prizes to win. 

Contact Kreating Conversations

(Kreating Conversations/Facebook)

For more information about the Mental Health Coffeehouse or to learn about speaking at the event, email Kreating Conversations at

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