The Baron’s top stories of 2021-2022


This list is compiled in the order in which they were originally published, from earliest to latest.

This academic year has been difficult for everyone as we continue to work through the COVID-19 pandemic. With a snap election, ever-changing COVID rules, and the world starting to open back up, it’s been a busy year for us UNB Saint John students.

Here’s a look at our top 10 stories of the year, inspired by the story originally published by The Aquinian.

2021 Federal election: party platforms


After a snap election was called with just a few weeks to campaign, all four major political parties released their party platforms in time for election day.

The Baron broke down each platform into four sections: the economy, healthcare, environment, and deficit & debt.

Op-Ed: Is UNB doing enough to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

(Wolfgang Duechtel/The Baron)

In this opinion piece, staff writer Emily Wheaton discussed some of the issues surrounding COVID-19 regulations both provincially and on-campus, including the campus’s delay in implementing their mandatory testing policy, lax rules in residence, and the loosening of protocols on campus.

“The university is fixing a leaky faucet in a burning building when it comes to the protection of students against COVID-19.”

Orange Shirt Day: What to know and what to do

(Wolfgang Duechtel/The Baron)

October 30 is recognized in Canada as the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, or Orange Shirt Day, in Canada to honour survivors of residential and day schools and their loved ones.

We highlighted some important steps individuals can take to recognize this important day, including wearing an orange shirt, writing to government officials, finding out whose land you live on, donating to an Indigenous cause, and doing research on the history of Indigenous peoples on this land.

Just how unaffordable is housing in New Brunswick?

Rent control sign from ACORN NB protest at the N.B. legislature in April 2021. (Katie Herrington/The Baron)

“For far too long, affordable housing has been on New Brunswick’s back burner.”

The cause of this issue is largely attributed to the purchase of homes in New Brunswick from out-of-province buyers. This has caused a supply shortage and increased the rents for many across the province, affecting residents from all different ways of life.

Supports for Indigenous students on campus

Office of Indigenous Advisor Todd Ross. (Ria Sabitry/The Baron)

Supports for Indigenous students on the UNB Saint John campus range from financial assistance, career advice and planning, and general support. These can be navigated with the help of Indigenous Advisor Todd Ross, whose role is new to the campus as of 2021.

How to make the most of UNB library services

The Hans W. Klohn Commons. (Wolfgang Duechtel/The Baron)

With the pressure of school work piling up, the UNB library services are available to students to help with a variety of services.

These include study spaces, research toolkits, the Writing Centre, the Math and Science Help Centre, and one-on-one services from the librarians on staff.

Your questions answered about COVID-19

UNB Saint John’s Nurse Practitioner Terry-Lynne King. (Microsoft Teams Interview/Screenshot)

The Baron sat down with UNB Saint John’s Nurse Practitioner Terry-Lynne King and nursing students Eric Coombs and Lauryn Conway to ask questions about COVID-19.

They noted the importance of being fully vaccinated and testing when symptoms develop and explained the history of the development of the vaccine and why some people are choosing not to get vaccinated.

UNB hosts experiential learning showcase

(Emily Wheaton/The Baron)

In December 2021, the Experiential Learning department at UNB Saint John hosted an event to showcase the work of students who took the SOCS 4501 class.

They displayed their sustainability projects that they had worked on that semester and explained how experiential learning benefitted them in their education.

Accessibility issues at UNB Saint John

(Wolfgang Duechtel/The Baron)

The Baron spoke with 2021 graduate Kimberly Mazerolle, who is a wheelchair user, about some of the accessibility issues encountered on the UNB Saint John campus.

Mazerolle noted difficulties with accessing the elevators, the lack of accessible rooms in residence, and the delay in snow clearing on the grounds.

Op-Ed: New Class Who ‘Dis? Effects of syllabus and instructor changes on course evaluation

(Wolfgang Duechtel/The Baron)

This piece was submitted by fourth-year Honours psychology student Dino Tremblay, who conducted a study on campus to evaluate the impacts of having syllabus and instructor changes in the middle of the term.

This was prompted by the sudden departure of professor Moira Law, who reportedly went on leave in October 2021, leaving several courses and Honours and Masters students without an instructor.