UNBSJ Seawolves women’s soccer home opener game

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The Seawolves made UNBSJ very proud on Wednesday night as the women’s team took on the STU Tommies in a brilliant, action-packed game.

Wolfgang Dutchel/The Baron

The home opener game featured great support from students and staff, including Vice-President, Dr. Petra Hauf who helped kick-off the match.

Even though the weather conditions were dreary and chilly, the crowd’s support was immense through-out the game with posters and cheering. 

A minute into the game saw great action from the Seawolves goalie and captain, Jillian Smith (#1) who had her first of many saves during the game. The Seawolves attempted their first goal around 13 minutes into the first half and was unsuccessful.

Wolfgang Dutchel/The Baron

However, they found redemption shortly after with the only goal of the entire game, scored by the other captain of the women’s team, Karlee Duval (#6). While the assist for the goal went to #16, Jocephine Splitgerber. 

The rest of the first half saw consistent battle between the two teams with no further goals being made by either team. 

After halftime, the game continued similarly and the defence of the UNBSJ Seawolves remained very strong, ensuring no goals were to be made from the STU Tommies.

Wolfgang Dutchel/The Baron

Not going into overtime, the game finished with a clear victory for our UNBSJ Seawolves women’s soccer team with the final score of 1-0. 

When asked after the game, Captains Jillian Smith and Karlee Duval agreed that they were incredibly proud of their team and the game that they played. They said it all came down to both their great dynamic as a team and that their defence was performing exactly as it should be – strong. 

Wolfgang Dutchel/The Baron

After this game, it is clear that the UNBSJ Seawolves are in for quite a promising season! 

For more details on the team or their scheduling, click here. 

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