Letter from the Editor: September 2022

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Hello everyone and welcome my first Letter from the Editor!

Wolfgang Düchtel/The Baron

I wanted to start writing these on a monthly basis to create journalistic transparency within our student press. After all, we are your newspaper and we answer to students.

I’ve had an amazing time in my new position as Editor-in-Chief over the month of September. Albeit, stressful. I spent the month of August prepping for the upcoming publishing year, but as I assumed the role in September, I quickly learned that there were simply things I couldn’t plan for.

There have been unexpected twists to this job but with the help of the Baron’s Office Manager, Tamara Holmes and the Baron’s Copy Editor, Taylor Fennelly, I have been able to navigate the crazy world of university student presses.

A rainbow appeared on campus as the month wrapped up and we got a beautiful view of it from our office.
Wolfgang Düchtel/The Baron

We started our publishing year in the SRC’s clubs and societies expo which was a great opportunity to meet the student body and let the study body know who we are!

I quickly learned that not many students know about us or what we do. I think a big part of that stems from the COVID-19 pandemic. Although we aren’t fully out of the pandemic, students are returning to a new sense of normal on campus, which offers a new space for the Baron that hasn’t been there since 2019.

That being said, be prepared to see the Baron more and more! When I took this job, I decided on two words to strive for this year: community and continuity.

Community: the Baron community was set aside during the pandemic because of government and university restrictions. With less restrictions, this is going to change. We welcome you to come see us in our office on the second floor of the student centre. Furthermore, we welcome you to email us at editor@thebaron.ca or message us on on socials.

Continuity: a big aspect of my job this year will be creating a sustainable method of operating the Baron. This means that as Editors and Office Managers graduate, and new students take our positions, policies are implemented to lend a smooth transitional period. The Baron has served the UNBSJ community for decades and as the world continues to evolve, so should the Baron.

Wolfgang Düchtel/The Baron

All this being said, thank you to the board who entrusted me in this position. I have loved every second of it and I cannot wait to see where this new school year takes us. I graciously hold the position as Editor-in-Chief of the student newspaper and I am here to serve the UNBSJ student body.


Emily Wheaton

Emily is in her fourth year of Political Science. She loves studying and academics which follows into her research work. She's a stern black coffee drinker and is a proud Acadienne. When she's not working or doing school work, you can find Emily listening to 70s music on vinyl and watching Parks and Recreation. If you ask her about parliamentary institutions, she won't stop talking.